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Friday, February 10, 2006

J Stevens Arms & Tool Co.Revived

Last year when I found this ole girl a (J Stevens Arms & Tool Co. 12 guage singleshot shotgun made around 1913) , I thought of my father, something I could fix up and give it to him as a gift. The stock and foream had seen its better days with scratches and a few cuts and dings throughout . The reciever and barrel had rust pits all over it. So I stripped the stock, sealed it, and added a nice hand rubbed Tru-Oil finish. For the metal finish I chose Oxpho-Blue. I stripped the metal with Naval Jelly which took the rust and what blueing was left off in a jiffy. Once it was down to bare metal I cleaned the metal and put the Oxpho Blue on. Oxpho Blue is the best cold blue on the market in my opinion, as it leaves no after rust and has a nice looking and durable finish. Even though im a levergun nut this is one of my favorite guns. In excellent original condition they are worth no more than 100.00 though its worth much more than that to me. If this gun could only talk. My father was tickled to get it . Heres the results.


Blogger Chris said...

I have this exact same weapon and it looks just like yours pre-refresh. I need new stocks so am going to have some custom made.
A lot of dough for a gun worth a hundred bucks...but like you, my father hunted with it in the 30's so it has sentimental value.

1:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have two old guns that were either made by Meriden Firearms Co. or J. Stevens Arms Co. for Sears. One had GIBRALTAR on the housing the other LONG TOM. I also have the housing and short short barrell of one that says J Stevens on the housing. I have no idea when either was made. I am trying to find some info by serial numbers.

10:02 AM  

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