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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Friends And Leverguns: November 2006

I got a chance to meet Duff L Bagg, a fellow friend and Florida levergunner from the leverguns forum . Larry had come up from Florida to visit relatives and I was anxious to meet him. It was a rainy cold November day and the weather didnt cooperate with us to well but it was still a fine day for some good conversation, hot coffee , and friends and leverguns.

Larry brought an assortment of goodies with him for our shooting pleasure.I got to try out two cartridges I had never shot before. The .375 Winchester (introduced in 1978)and the .41 Reminton Magnum(introduced in 1964).

The Ruger blackhwak chambered in .41 Mag was a pleasure to shoot with the 210 grain Hornady XTP's.

It was also the first time I had shot the .375 Winchester cartridge. Pictured is a Winchester 94 chambered in .375 Winchester.

Larry also brought his Marlin 1894cb chambered in 44Mag.

(Larry's first shots out of his new Marlin Cowboy)

(Larry with my Rossi 92 chambered in 44Mag)

We also shot Larry's Ruger Blackhawk chambered in 45 colt. It was a hoot to shoot although recoil was stiff with the 300 grain cast bullet hunting loads.

Larry is a kind, generous, and funny guy and it was a pleasure meeting him. It was a fine day for friends and leverguns. Till the next time Larry.


The Rossi 92

Fieldstripping the model 92

Exploded view of 92


Marlin 1894

The story of Marlin and the levergun

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