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Saturday, February 11, 2006

My first cast bullets

I cast my very first batch of bullets and broke my dads Lee melting pot all in the same day (if anyone can do it I can!) I was casting some bullets for my Rossi 92 chambered in 44 Magnum using a Lee 200 gr six cavity mould. It took me a while to get the feel for filling the mould and to get the mould heated up enough to fill out the cavity's. Several hundred were produced but only a handful of good ones. The Lee 20 lb furnace has an adjustment screw for flow control and after casting a few hundred I decided to fiddle with this and slow down the stream running into the mould. That's when my casting session abruptly ended as I stripped and bent the screw and the lead continuously poured out of the pot. At one point I had the Lee melting pot full and the lead was at the bottom of the adjustment screw and covering it for sometime and heated it up enough when I went to adjust it it stripped and bent right quick. Hopefully my next casting session produces much more usable cast bullets for my shooting pleasure! But I found out that you can produce LOTS of cast bullets in a short period of time with the Lee six cavity moulds. This being the first run at it gave me the feel for it and i'll know what to expect my next casting session.


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