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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Winchester/Miroku '86 Mods/ Hammer Swap And Sear

After removing the rebounding hammer feature, I still did not have a true half cock per say. The Winchester/Miroku hammer has a ledge or shelf, but not a full half cock notch cut in the hammer.

(Winchester/Miroku hammer without half cock notch)

With the Winchester/Miroku hammer, the trigger could still be pulled with some effort in the half cock position. Now it takes a good amount of pressure to pull the trigger, but nevertheless it will slip off the ledge when enough pressure is applied. I ended up ordering a Browning '86 hammer to replace the Winchester/Miroku hammer. The Browning hammer has the half cock safety notch and doesn't have the ugly cut out on the side of the hammer to accommodate Miroku's tang safety, and it just looks better IMO.

(Browning hammer/Winchester hammer)

(Browning hammer showing the half cock notch)

The Winchester/Miroku sear was to thick to fit the new Browning hammer and was not fully slipping into the half cock notch. This allowed the trigger to still be pulled in the half cock position. A little file time later on the Winchester sear, and I now have a true half cock safety. The sear now slips in and stays in like it should.

(Before and after the hammer swap and sear modification)


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