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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Williams FP and Marbles fiberoptic

As stated earlier I will be adding things i've already done and this is one of them. I never liked the looks of a Williams reciever sight on a levergun and I much prefered the Marbles peep tang sight. But after being a member of forum for a while and hearing all the talk from fellow forum members (especially one forum member in particular...You know who you are) about the Williams FP I decided to give it a try. Sometimes in life you try new things and realize what you have been missing and this is one of them. As soon as you shoulder the rifle the sight is there. I LIKE IT!!!. Oh by the way, thanks again Hobie! Another thing I wanted to put on my Rossi 92 was a front fiberoptic sight. Some folks like post type sights and others like the beads. Well I opted for the Marbles with the green fiberoptic bead. Heres some picts of the transformation. Though im still getting used to the sight picture of the peep sight, I like it much better than your standard sights that come on the Rossi.


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