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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Handloading Time: Ranch Dog TLC432-285

After that last casting session I was ready to get some of these Ranch Dog TLC432-285 (modified version) loaded up and see how they shoot. These aren't the true Ranch Dog bullets but that's another story altogether and some of you know just how long of a story it is.

After applying the Lee liquid alox and running them through the Lee sizing die to seat the gas checks it was time to lube them once more before moving on over to the Lee Classic turrent press.

I used a hair dryer on the Lee liquid alox because I needed to have these lubed and loaded in the same day. The instructions for Lee liquid alox calls for sitting the bullets on wax paper after lubing to dry overnight and I didn't have that much time.

(Speed drying Lee liquid alox with hair dryer)
The hair dryer speed drying method is quit simple. After you lube the bullets in a bowl with the Lee liquid alox put the hair dryer to them for a minute or so, swirl them around some more in the bowl and hit them again with the hair dryer and add additional Lee liquid alox if necessary. In less than ten minutes I was in front of the turrent press and ready to load some up.

The Ranch Dog TLC432-285-RF weighs right at 282 grains with the Lee liquid alox and gas check. I used a starting charge of 17.0 grains of surplus WC820(n) to start out with.(Remember always use starting loads then if safe work your way up, these loads are safe in MY gun and yours may differ) As usual the Lee Classic turrent press was a pleasure to use and the Lee Pro Autodisk powder measure was throwing very consistent charges of the WC820(n) ball powder. In short this thing Rock-N-Rolls!

(My reloading buddy(dad) watching me load some up)
Now on to the range report!

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