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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Range Report: Ranch Dog TLC432-285-RF

I finally got to send some of those Ranch Dog TLC432-285-RF out of the end of the barrel on my Rossi 92.

Its been a long journey as some of you already know and now its time to reap the benefits of that long wait. Again this isn't the true Ranch Dog per say as this has the bigger meplat and longer length of the original Ranch Dog TLC432-285-RF but from the range report and accuracy tests it shoots great just the same. This cast bullet weighs right at 282 grains with the Lee liquid alox and gas check with straight air cooled wheel weights of approx 12 Brinnel hardness. Im using a charge of 17.0 grains of WC820(n) to start with. (Again this load is safe in MY rifle and you should always start with a starting charge and work your way up!

For the most part I have dealt with terrible leading and accuracy in this rifle since beginning to casting my own due to the oversize bore of .432 and undersized cast bullets. I had an accurate load with Hodgdons HP38 but wasn't worth the lead I had to clean out from the .429 diameter bullet lobing down the barrel, well not anymore. I finally got this custom bullet mold and I got zero leading with this correct size(.432) cast bullet. I lucked out from the start with a good consistent and accurate load. Heres the chrony and accuracy results from 50 yards.

(My kids got to the target before I did as you can tell. One a pokin and the other a scriblin)

(Click to enlarge and read text)

I entered the data from the chrony into Robs Reloading Organizer to view in a graph format. You can see this is an accurate and consistent load. Also this is the first load I have tried with this powder and cast bullet combination. I lucked out on this one.

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